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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Install Compiere ERP & CRM on RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 & Oracle 10g Part I

Some people prefered to install Compiere on Linux for some reason (stability, security, etc). Eventhough the installation is very easy, I do not advise people which is unfamiliar or very new with Linux to do this way and run for production, (because this will put you on more trouble), for that purpose joint the apropriate training for linux is a good choice.

This tutorial is for training purpose only, and I do not give any waranty it's work for you, it's mean you do with your own risk.

To install Compiere ERP & CRM on RHEL 5, there are several step that we have to be done as follow:
1. Install RHEL 5 (of course..)
2. Configure RHEL5 (to make it suitable to install and run Compiere)
3. Install Oracle Databse 10g
4. Install Compiere ERP&CRM 2.61

Before we move further please make sure that you have System with minimum specification as follow:

1. PC with Intel or AMD Processor with minimum 800MHz, I recomend you to use P4 1,6GHz at least (more higher more better) , otherwise you have to be very passion in running the system later... :)
2. RAM minimum 512MB ( 1 GHz recomended )
3. HDD IDE or SATA 10GB minimum, using SCSI or SATA RAID will gain the performance
4. Check your hardware compatibility in http://www.redhat.com/hardware and make sure your hardware supported by Redhat Linux.

If everything was OK, then we can continue to next step, installation RHEL5. See the next posting for the step by step installation guide.

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