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Sunday, August 12, 2007

What's make Compiere different?

Fast Implementation with the idea of no final decisions. You don’t need to analyze everything up front, because you are still flexible enough to implement changes at a later point in time. Every decision is reversible.

True Integration
means that all data (CRM, ERP and Accounting) is driven from the same transactions. There is no need to migrate, merge or transform data. The user entering documents does not need to worry about what info needs to be entered for CRM as it is automatically there.

Safe Fail
People usually try to be fail-safe. But there are no fail-safe environments, since there are too many variables in it. So you can be sure that there will be bugs and problems. Thus, the idea was to build an environment where you can fail safely, where you can recover from
an error, where you can restart and deal with the situation.

Rich and Reach
Rich refers to the Client/Server interface meaning that it has all the features required. Reach refers to the Web interface meaning that it can be accessed without anything being deployed to the client.

Global market
It relatively easy to build in the multi-functions in Compiere which allow you to act in a global market with different languages, currencies and accounting methods. So there’s real
flexibility for you.
Smart User Interface

Most windows or screens are generated on the basis of rules, based on the dictionary. This allows for a very personalized access and gives the user what he needs. In that way, Compiere fully accounts for the fact that different people have different requirements. The data dictionary-driven approach enables a setup on a per-user-basis. All windows can be customized and reduced to those fields the user actually needs which again gives you more flexibility
than most other applications do.
To be successful in an ever changing market it is essential to be able to adopt to changes at any time in the smallest possible time frame. This can make the difference.

Target Market
Compiere was designed for the distribution, retail and service industries. There is a basic functionality for material management and manufacturing planning included, but only to a limited degree. There is no plan for manufacturing functionality like shop floor control and full
Compiere is for small and medium enterprises, as well as for individual companies, for distribution chains, outlets of manufacturers, franchises etc.
Compiere does not comprise full Material Requirement Scheduling, as far as shop floor or production scheduling is concerned. But you can calculate the gross demand and do forecasts as well as a very simple resource scheduling. There is no complete Payroll functionality (as far
as the calculation of net income, deductions and benefits are concerned). But there will be interfaces for both functions.

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